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Our pre-fabbed modular homes are revolutionary in design and build. We’ve ditched the stress, the long delays and the inevitable cost blowouts of traditional home builds so you can enjoy living in your dream home sooner.

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Our modular homes are built with a 6-Star energy rating. Sustainable, environmentally aware construction is our priority.

Factory Built Prefab Modular Homes

At Modular Coast, we plan and manufacture with your needs and budget in mind. Using innovative construction materials and the latest designs, we specialise in residential projects using sustainable prefabrication building methodologies to create stunning Modular Homes Central Coast NSW.

Modular Home Central Coast

The biggest factor of why Modular Homes are gaining so much popularity right now is due to the fast construction. Our homes are built very high in quality since we build them in a more controlled environment, thus ensuring that all the materials used are kept safe from defects and elements of nature. Furthermore, this is why Modular Homes are very affordable, costing 30% less than traditional homes, so you can achieve more with less and start living!


Modular Home Central Coast

With our 25 years of experience in the Modular Homes Central Coast building industry, we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the end result. We strive to pour our hearts and souls into every project that we build for our clients so you can only expect the very best. We take pride in our strong reputation in delivering innovative and affordable solutions for each individual need. After all, we believe it is our duty to help you build the home of your dreams.

Look no further—if you have been Googling ‘Modular Homes near me’, we are here for you! Feel free to browse our selection of Modular Homes to find the one that suits you best. Contact us with any questions to make sure that every detail is suitable for your needs!


Modular Homes are the birth child of modernity and practicality. They are readily available, so you can always have them installed on a whim. What’s more, their aesthetic appeal is attractive to all people across generations. That is all the more reason to consider modular homes as one of your options.

If you are looking for the best Modular Homes Central Coast wide, we have just the answer for you. Browse through our collection and see for yourself the vast possibilities that we offer.

Two-Bedroom Homes

Are you having trouble finding 2 bedroom Modular Homes for sale? Our two-bedroom homes are perfect for couples or newlyweds who are about to start a family. They are also ideal for those who are living alone. One room can function as a bedroom, and the other can be your office or workspace.

Four-Bedroom Homes

For a typical Australian family with two kids, you may start looking for 4 bedroom Modular Homes. This type of Modular Housing is just the right size to make sure that everyone has personal space. A sense of privacy is essential for all families, and our four-bedroom homes can surely help you maintain that.


Five-Bedroom Homes

Are there 5 bedroom Modular Homes for sale near me? Where are the 5 bedroom modular homes near me? These might be your questions if you are in a medium-sized family and you want to explore the possibilities of living in a Modular Home. 

Our five-bedroom homes are the best fit for a medium-sized family. It can also accommodate small families with pets or with live-in housekeepers. 

Six-Bedroom Homes

It might be an overused statement, but big families are happy families. And to make your large family more joyful, you should consider the best housing type for your loved ones. You can start by looking for 6 bedroom Modular Homes. The six-bedroom homes that we offer will surely give your family more living space and freedom to enjoy your lifestyle. 

Why Modular Homes?

With the ever increasing cost of on-site construction, the complexities of OH&S compliance and increasing demands to design environmentally sustainable and efficient housing, alternative solutions such as prefab Modular Homes are gaining popularity. By applying our knowledge and experience in the modular industry, we demonstrate how to create reliable Modular Kit Homes Central Coast and prefabricated modular homes Sydney. We ensure that our Modular Homes are durable and made out of high-quality materials, withstanding the harshest of the Australian climate.

In building a traditional house, several factors can affect the process of construction. What we do is create the modules inside our factory and install them on your land when ready. This way, you don’t need to worry about delays. This is one of the significant advantages of buying a Modular Home from us. It is because we are less likely to be affected by rain, contractor delays and even pandemics, while most construction of traditional houses is troubled due to these circumstances.

Our team is dedicated and passionate about creating sustainable and eco-friendly houses at an affordable price for the average Australian family. In the rapid landscape of housing where there is a high demand for cheap modular homes for sale, we can tailor any solution to your needs.

Custom Modular Homes

If you are looking for custom built Modular Homes, then we do just that. You can choose which design and customisations you want to incorporate in your house and also design a floor plan to suit your needs. We collaborate with our clients to ideally create a place with a design that suits your lifestyle. Our offering of modern design specifications and the use of galvanised or epoxy coated structural steel components have become an increasing trend in Modular Homes Central Coast streetscapes.

As the premier Modular Home builder Gosford, Erina, Woy Woy and surrounds we aim to deliver Modular Homes beyond your expectations. If you are looking for a new Modular Home for sale, our company can provide what you are looking for. Our mission is to build your dream house into reality. We guarantee that all our Modular Homes have a wow factor, keeping your family safe and most of all, happy and entertained. To ensure that we create durable homes, we also provide free site inspections to plan out the position, construction, and installation perfectly.

As the Australian sustainable housing market demand increases we look at new ways of introducing innovative materials in the process of creating Modular Homes. As a popular choice of Modular Home builders on the Central Coast, we are doing our bit in home construction that can help people and the environment.

The Modular Home Process

Our Modular Homes are built inside the factory. Hence, it is also called ‘prefabricated’ ‘factory’ or an ‘off-site’ home. We provide an efficient work environment where the construction materials are under cover, dry and secure within the factory. We can be confident of estimated completion dates as the weather just isn’t a factor for our processes and skilled tradesman. As everything is built, inspected and approved before the homes leave the plant, we can achieve efficiencies site builders can not compete against.

Are you dreaming of acquiring your own home? A Modular Home for sale makes it possible to own with the lower barrier entry price, with the added benefit of a short time period to build! A popular choice because of the eco-friendly material, cost-effectiveness, and attractive designs, especially when you want to stick with your timeline and ensure your home’s quality.

So start your journey in searching for Modular Homes Sydney and surrounds, choose unique designs and customisations that will surely suit your taste and lifestyle. Don’t forget, you can also construct floor plans for Modular Homes with the help of our consultants. A floor plan is crucial as it represents the overall layout and maximises the area’s capacity. You can view the position of every room, furniture as well as landscaping with our amazing virtual technology. With this, you can be clear about where to put things and maximise every space of your prefab home.

Bringing the product to you!

When the homes are completed inside the factory, with kitchens and bathrooms finished, tiling, shower screens, even vanity mirrors and towel rails fitted, the house is transported, separated into segments that are held up by incorporated steel floor subframes. The casings support the pre-fab design during transportation to the site on low loaders and are sufficiently able to hold the construction as it is extended onto the establishments. They remain part of the design after establishment and the outcome is a development establishment framework that is superior to regular building construction. Each particular structure area is connected together along the length of the shafts and the floors are thus secured down to the solid establishments. The off-site production and fabrication development empowers the limitation of the on location work span and consequently the on location time to an absolute minimum.

Let us be your go-to choice when it comes to a Modular Home builder on the Central Coast. Our goal is to make your dream home into reality while spending within your allowable budget. We also ensure that all the prefab homes we produce are certified and adhere to all building and council codes. We update our clients on their prefab homes’ progress regularly and we guarantee that the construction is exactly what you envisioned. Servicing areas such as (and not limited to) Ettalong, Empire Bay, Bensville and Tuggerah we also provide free site inspections to plan out the position, construction, and installation perfectly.

Choose Ringvale as your next Modular Home builder Central Coast – you won’t be disappointed!